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Today, Bitcoin is a full-fledged alternative to traditional currencies. In turn, bitcoin casino is a growing niche of gambling business. Users of online casinos are happy to play Bitcoins, because this cryptocurrency provides fast, completely anonymous and at the same time transparent financial transactions.

The benefits of bitcoin casinos

There is an opportunity to buy a ready-made platform, order a casino turnkey, or buy a script online casino from developers.

There are a number of companies on the market developing platforms that allow you to play online games for Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. One of these is SoftSwiss. Our journalist decided to find out what you need to know to create this type of business. To do this, we contacted representatives of SoftSwiss, a software manufacturer for gambling platforms.

Casinos that use Bitcoins as the only payment method have their own competitive advantages, which attract a separate niche of users. When starting an online casino, you should take into account such features as the possibility of saving on license fees in the absence of taxation of this type of activity. As a result, the creation of Bitcoin casinos takes less time than its competitors using traditional payment systems. In turn, users will receive complete anonymity with full control of their funds and quick processing of both deposits and withdrawals. On average, it takes about 15 minutes to confirm a payment.

Online casinos that work directly with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies often provide better terms than traditional casinos. Thus, operators try to attract a large number of players and popularize cryptocurrency due to the lack of commissions and other payments.

The player who won the cryptocurrency in the bitcoin casino can spend on goods offered in virtual stores, which are enough on the Internet today. Some players use won Bitcoins as a means of saving as their value gradually increases.

Where to start

So, first you need to decide on the budget. Creating the platform itself will cost 22,000 euros. If necessary, the provider provides other services for an additional fee.

According to SoftSwiss’s manager, Paul, the price was revised earlier this year. Therefore, if you are offered cheaper, it is worth thinking about the reliability of the people making you an offer.

In addition to Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies can be added to your platform. The manager of the company advised the integration of the ether, while the rest, according to him, are not in special demand.

The design of the site takes into account all the customer’s wishes (color schemes, panel). Unfortunately, the service does not provide support to users in the United States, Spain and the United Kingdom, although their official website states that support is provided in the United Kingdom. Such restrictions are related to the tightened regulatory policy of states. Therefore, access to users using the IP of these countries is blocked.

In addition to creating the platform itself, the company also offers player support and services to promote the site.

According to the agreement, the company is responsible for all technical aspects of the platform and eliminates any problems caused by the failure of the system.

Additional services should focus on player retention services. This function is not spelled out in the contract, but can be included as an additional item if desired. The service includes platform support using marketing tools. SoftSwiss specializes in retaining existing players and increasing their loyalty.

The service will be most useful to operators who feel insecure in understanding how to build a successful business. It includes player retention strategy, development and implementation, content and gaming management, e-mail mailing, casino presentation on various gambling forums.

These services are provided for a separate price by billing for prepayment. The operator can refuse this service at any time.

The creation of the casino will take 1.5-2 months. The transaction is made by signing a contract between the customer and the executor (SoftSwiss). The contract can be adjusted in accordance with requirements, additions and changes.

What awaits the customer after the deal

SoftSwiss’s casino platforms occupy about a third of all gambling services. And as it turned out, the Internet has a lot of negative reviews that relate to the activities and support of SoftSwiss to their customers. After our not-so-in-depth analysis, information was found that positive feedback about SoftSwiss was the work of SoftSwiss itself.

We have also encountered many complaints that indicate negligence and poor technical training of the company’s employees.

First, managers involved in the promotion of the platform do not seek to fully promote the customer’s project, which is due to the fact that one employee leads several projects at once. In addition, such negligence is significantly influenced by the monthly prepayment for the service, because of which they simply unprofitable to work fruitfully.

Secondly, customers may face the first difficulties already when developing the platform itself. Programmers do not have the level of competence that the customer sometimes needs. Thus, the promised 1.5-2 months of launch develop into years of creation and misunderstanding.

Third, the company pursues only a personal financial interest, and can act with the customer at his discretion.

After reading the feedback of their customers, we came to the opinion that all these people fell for the fraud of CEO Ivan Montik, who continues to deceive unsuspecting new customers.

One of the victims of this fraud was online casinos

SoftSwiss abruptly discontinued the casino’s service, based on the following:

“I will hereby notify you of the termination of our contract from today (May 10, 2017) due to breach of agreement and the use of software to provide games in regions where you do not have a permit.”

Unfortunately, this clause was not spelled out in the contract…

While Ivan Montica’s company SoftSwiss claims to be treated equally with all its projects, the gaming platform did not issue a restriction on registration in banned regions, although, for example, in casinos such protection was Enabled, blocking access to IP users from certain countries to register:

It was because of the negligence of Direx N.V(softswiss” managers that Satoshi N.V did not receive the full package of services that was put to the customer on a par with other customers such as, and others.

In the case of Satoshigames, nothing like this has happened.

In addition, after talking with a representative of the casino, it became obvious that in addition to the low level of consultations, the company’s employees did not perform half of the work that the manager of SoftSwiss talked about before signing the agreement. According to information provided by the manager, the responsibility of internal marketing includes the control of fraud, the representation of casinos on the main thematic forums: Casinomeister, Ask, Gamblers, etc. Executed.

In addition, I was very surprised by the template of sending to new customers of the English-speaking audience:

Why didn’t the staff even bother to translate the entire template into English???!!!

And as Ivan Montik himself declares “We serve all customers equally”, confirms that everyone can lose their money, not to mention the time and power invested in the “own” casino, which will one day simply be disconnected from service .


Nowadays there are enough specialists on the market who will gladly agree to cooperate and provide you with the products that are necessary for opening a bitcoin casino.

But it should not be forgotten that the choice of a company engaged in the creation of a turnkey gambling platform, you need to approach with extreme caution. To make sure of its reliability will help information about the time of work in the gambling business, feedback from customers and players, a list of additional services and products produced by the company.

Therefore, before deciding on the choice of a developer, it is better to choose companies with excellent reputation. This will be your first step towards the success and prosperity of the platform.

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